What can you do in a day?

We had a phenomenal day playing and designing games with over 31 game enthusiasts!  Thank you to Block8 Academy and to Port Moody Taekwondo for partnering with us for this sold out camp!

So, what can you learn in a one day camp?   From digital literacy, game theory, board game design, and video game creation, we packed the day with fun and games.


First, we broke up the children into two groups to facilitate learning: Grade 1 -2,  and Grade 3-5. This mirrors the age groups our Junior Game Design and Game Design course age groups.

The younger group started their day with art creation, and team collaboration by making board games!  Game design lends itself well to team collaboration, problem solving, negotiation, and practicing communication skills including literacy skills (writing rules, game cards and making game pieces). They let their imaginations run wild with games  like ‘Valentine Horror’, ‘Horse Ride Hunter’, and ‘Minecraft Mania’. No two games were alike.

The older children dove straight into Unity3D, the professional software that was used to create Pokemon Go, MarioRun and other top games. You can download it here, to practice at home. 


Rooted in S.T.E.M concepts like force, mass, gravity,  they also worked on art customization, sound and level design as well. Within video games, students of all abilities can solve problems that suit their interests – art, engineering, design, and sound, while learning a process to break down big ideas into manageable components. 

After lunch, the kids switched roles, with the younger children diving into game design on the laptops.

 We know that young children are more tech savvy then ever with touch screens and intuitive app interfaces. Yet, our game design class is usually their first glimpse into the complexity of technology ‘under the hood’.


 The class is an opportunity for young children to learn digital literacy skills such as mouse functions, opening files, dragging and dropping, and simply navigating through menus and toggle buttons. They learn to work through frustrations, while they navigate through professional level software to make their games. The digital literacy and computational thinking skills learned in class will help them with any further game design, coding or computer programming education.  

We had a fantastic day, and cannot wait to have more classes in beautiful Port Moody!

Update:  We are offering two days of game design at the Block8 Spring break camp March 13-17.  Register here.

Our  Game Design classes will start in the Port Moody Arts Center in May, and several community schools in the Tri-Cities. We are looking forward to seeing you there!