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Digital creators are in high demand. Our graduates are collaborative designers and makers, able to express their ideas through engaging, technology rich, experiences. Learn the skills that drive our digital world.

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Advanced Skills Acquisition


Understand core concepts and strategies for learning new languages.

Design Thinking

Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test - a framework for innovation.


The best teams win. Share your vision, get others on board.

Project Management

Deliver your product on time. Learn the tools and processes that help teams succeed.

Specialized Programs

UME's programs for teens dive deeper into the fundamentals of digital content creation and technology.

In a fast paced world underpinned by quickly changing technology, it is critical that young adults are equipped with the skills needed to become independent, adaptive and resilient participants in their future.

Our instructors provide quality instruction and know when to step back and let students lead.

Program Length and Cost

The typical program length is 6-20hrs of instruction, 1-1.5 hours per session. We hold our courses at a number of times and locations in the region making our programs a convenient way to bring technology to your teen.

At UME we recognize that our community is varied in its socio-economic makeup. To ensure that our programs are accessible to the largest number of participants we offer a variety of scholarship opportunities.

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