Summer Camps!


UME has camps all across the lower mainland. For a full list of locations and camp description click here for our Camps Program page.

Our approach is the same – foster exploration, learning and digital literacy with games, outdoor play and a fun summer experience!

We have also partnered with several schools to create some incredible, themed camps which blend game design with topics like space travel, oceans, animals,  and even Canadian history!

Collingwood School Summer Camps 

Cutest Pet: Game Design

July 10-14  9am-12pm

AGES 6 – 8

*entering grades 1-3

Did you know that guinea pigs aren’t really pigs and have never existed in the wild? That may explain why they are so cute! In this program, you’ll learn about guinea pigs, where they live, what they eat and what eats them! You’ll also learn about game design, what makes games fun and how to create your own board game and video games. And if you don’t think guinea pigs are the cutest, we’ll teach you how to design your own pet and create a game that shows the player why your pet is the #1 cutest! 2B2

Space Odyssey: Game Design

August 14-17

AGES 9 – 12

*entering grades 4-7

Astronomers are discovering new planets and galaxies every year. Have you ever wondered what life is like on those planets? Or… how you’d get there? This camp takes you on a journey to galaxies you’ve never heard of and planets you’ve never seen. You’ll learn about the physics of space travel, design your own alien life forms and create worlds that bend the laws of physics and spark your creativity. With that knowledge, you’ll create board games and learn how to use Unity3D software to create video games that let the player experience new worlds! 7C2



Capilano University – Serious Fun Summer Camps

Video Game Design – Journey to Trappist 1

Astronomers recently (early April 2017 to be exact) announced the discovery of the Trappist-1 system. This system is not an attempt by Trappist monks to count cards and win big at Vegas. Trappist-1, as it turns out, is a star system that contains seven “earth-like” planets, only 40 light years away. Do aliens live there? Are they planning to invade and enslave us? In this action-packed game design camp, you learn about the physics of space travel, engineer extraterrestrial ecosystems, design alien worlds, and hopefully gain some insight into how to build a planetary defense grid. By creating board games, outdoor games and, of course, video games, you examine the fundamental principles of game design from a curriculum developed by game artists and engineers. You’ll also learn how to use Unity3D, the software of choice for game developers around the world.

July 4-7 (Age 11-14)

July 4-7 (Age 8-11)


Video Game Design- Wild Pacific

The waters off the BC coast are teeming with fascinating creatures. Could even be a Russian submarine or two in there as well. Who knows? This camp uses game design to explore the stunning array of marine life (including any Russian submersibles) found along BC’s coast. By studying and creating board games, outdoor games and video games (the focus, however, is squarely on video games), you’ll examine the key principles of game design and learn what makes a game successful. The camp curriculum has been designed by game artists and engineers, so you can be confident that what you learn are established best practices in the video game industry. You’ll also learn how to use Unity3D, the software of choice for game developers around the world.

July 17-21 (Age 11-14)

July 17-12 (Age 8-11)



Port Moody

Rocky Point Camp at the Port Moody Station Museum

What do morse code and computer code have in common?  At the Rocky Point game design camp, set in the Port Moody Station Museum you will learn to make awesome video games while enjoying scavenger hunts, trivia and games that connect past and present.

The theme is ‘game creation’ and students will make more than just video games!    Join us on this fun game-making adventure!  We will also explore the trails, playground and spray park at Rocky Point and make sure we have fun in the sun while playing games outdoors!

Your day will include outdoor games and exploration all infused with game design theory and practice.  We will create outdoor games, board games, game art,  and finally, students create their own video games using Unity, the software that powers Pokemon Go, Mario Run and other top games!

This camp is great for first time game designers, as well as those with game design experience. For students who have already created video games, they will take a deeper dive into art sound effects, music, character and art customization and an introduction to programming.

August 7-11   and August 21-25
Age 6-8 &  9-11
Children will be grouped by age, ability or with siblings/friends if requested!

Full day or Half Day options for your convenience!
9am-4pm $325


9am-12pm $175

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