Meet our new instructor Scott Wilson!

We are excited to welcome our new teacher Scott Wilson.   He is a talented pipeline engineer at DHX , the world’s leading independent kids’ content company, owner of  Caillou, Yo Gabba Gabba!, Inspector Gadget and more.

He has with a diverse range of interests that, luckily for us, include Unity and Game Design!  He is a “game jammer”  if that is a word and is generally an all around good guy!

Scott is passionate about helping artists understand technology and programming. In his own words, ” I think it is extremely valuable for artists to be able to understand the software they are using, and optimize their workflow so they can spend more time making art.”  Very well said!

Scott participated in the 2016 Global Game Jam  and you can read about his project here:

We are very happy to welcome Scott to our team! Scott will be joining Jean Mistrot at our new Killarney Spring class starting April 1st 2017

Game on!