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Robert Bennett

Robert Bennett is our bi-lingual game design teacher, fluent in both English and French.  An avid gamer, Robert has a great appreciation for video games and a talent for inspiring students to create, and understand technology in simple terms. He has worked in music production, animation layout and storyboarding for several award winning short films and television productions. Robert is an enthusiastic and high energy instructor with well-rounded experience teaching art classes, music production, English as a second language, in addition to game design classes with UME Academy. Robert enjoys music production, DJ'ing, and spending quality family time with his wife and six children.

Joanne Tetrault

Joanne is an experienced educator, artist, and life-long learner.  For over a decade Joanne taught Art and Drama to students from grades K-12 centered around the integration of visual and performing arts into standard content areas. Her fascination with technology and storytelling inspired her to pursue a career in the 3D animation industry in Vancouver. After completing the intensive Animation Program at Vancouver Film School, she worked on the hit show <em>Beat Bugs</em>, and met her coworkers at UME Academy. Joanne is excited about UME Academy's approach of teaching by infusing educational content with play using Inquiry-Based learning. Joanne brings her passion and knowledge of technology, design, and education to the classroom while fostering communication skills, creative problem solving and team collaboration among students. She enjoys nurturing a positive influence in the future of children's education and entertainment.   You can find Joanne's thoughts on education, technology and game design on the UME blog.

Danny Laufer

Danny loves learning and sharing his enthusiasm for learning with students. Trained as a middle school teacher Danny strives to have every student in his class feel valuable and capable...because they are! He has years of experience integrating technology into his classes.  Danny gives children opportunities to use technology to be artists, inventors and creators.  In his free time Danny can be found riding his bike, playing soccer and spending time with his family.

Jean M. Mistrot

Jean received his first computer (C64) at the age of 10 and began programming in BASIC to create small animations and graphics.  As a young adult he was formally trained in the arts studying sculpture and painting at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  In later years Jean obtained a degree in Visualization Science and worked as an assistant researcher with the Interface Ecology Lab (HCI) at Texas A & M University. Jean’s broad range of skills has allowed him over the years to work across the digital content space as an artist, programmer, designer, producer and instructor.  Jean has experience teaching a wide range of learners including Montessori students, as well as undergraduate and graduate students attending NYU and Texas A & M.  He has recently been re-focusing his efforts in the educational space and is currently investigating the use of interactive media in support of Narrative Based Learning.

Daniel Roizman

A veteran of Film and Video Game production, Daniel has worked on some of the biggest blockbusters in the industry including Spiderman, Harry Potter, X-Men and Need For Speed.  Throughout his career, Daniel has collaborated with top artists in the industry to deliver educational content through master classes, training videos and workshops. With two young boy's at home, he's observed that today's learners are able to understand and adopt technology faster than ever before and that the challenge is not in teaching them the tools and languages of technology, but in helping them become creative thinkers, able to generate and implement ideas.