Our Motivation

We started UME in 2015, with 20+ years of experience in Film, Games, Apps and generally using process and technology to solve problems and create products. Throughout our careers, technology has changed. We’ve learned a new programming language each year, went from 2D to 3D to VR, from the desktop to the cloud and mobile. Adapting to the changes has become second nature to us. With UME, we hope to share the processes and fundamentals of technology that young learners will leverage throughout their lives.

There are many skills that parents and educators hear every day as being critically important for students to learn: coding, computational thinking, digital literacy, design thinking, robotics, STEM, STEAM.... At their core, they all try to achieve the same objective, to teach students how to be confident problem solvers who use creativity, technology and collaboration to positively impact the world around them.

At UME, we leverage students passion for playing games to teach the skills and processes that we value in our careers and believe 21st century citizens will need to adapt to an ever changing, technology driven environment. When kids are playing, they aren’t afraid to fail, they explore their environment and look for ways to achieve their goals that are uniquely suited to their strengths and interests.

We look forward to working with your children and students, giving them a fun, positive experience creating with technology.

Daniel and Jean
Co-Founders at UME

What our students learn

Digital Literacy

Essential skills that build confidence and familiarity when working with technology.

Design Thinking

Ideate, prototype, test and communicate concepts quickly.

Computational Thinking

Complex problems broken down into smaller, simpler components that can be solved.

Soft Skills

Learn the soft skills critical to modern processes - teamwork, feedback and communication.

Our instructors are passionate and dedicated.

Every student has their unique path through the game design process. We're excited to facilitate their journey!

Meet our instructors

Why Games?

Learning happens by doing and play is critical to creating powerful, student-centred educational experiences. At their core, games are systems that model facets of everyday life, creating fun and safe environments in which failure is reframed as iteration. Through games, students are able to explore and share real-world concepts connecting them to their daily lives.


Innovation and engagement comes from taking risks. The rapid feedback loop of iteration keeps students engaged and experimenting with the systems they create. Students quickly learn the interconnectedness of everything, assessing their decisions, sharing their discoveries and learning from mistakes, all while refining their designs and exploring their world.


People from every culture play games, from tic-tac-toe to video games. Play comes naturally to students and creating games allows them to share their perspective as equal participants regardless of their technical abilities or background. We believe that the ability of our students to acquire knowledge by asking the right questions is paramount and directly informs the types of programs we offer.


Games provide a safe space where failure is fun and risks are rewarded. Game designers wear many “hats” - gameplay designer, artist, engineering, sound designer, tester. Students showcase their strengths through the games they make and challenge themselves to learn new skills, at their own pace, by wearing different “hats”.