Our Approach

Design, create, iterate.

At UME Academy we teach elementary school students how to think, design, create and problem solve using technology.  

We focus on design, and computational thinking, teaching a process for breaking down a big idea into a series of components.

 Our approach is not only a precursor to programming (for those interesting in that path), it is a mindset and methodology to using technology in life to solve problems.

We use video games as the context because kids are passionate about them.  They are excited, motivated and engaged in the process of learning.

 Within video games, students of all abilities can find their passion, and solve problems that suit their interests – in art, engineering, sound, design, coding  and technology.




Kids make games and learn to turn their big ideas into a reality. 

Many kids find their passion in games. We move children from being consumers to creators of content, and give them confidence to manage complexity of digital environments.

Through exploration, testing, iteration and problem solving children learn to use tools which bring their ideas to life, with Unity software.

Each child creates their own unique game, with guidance from instructors who ‘level up’ their skills,  foster confidence with technology, and challenge them to learn more!

The typical Game Design class runs 6 weeks for 1.5 hours or 8 weeks for 1 hour.  Junior Game Design (ages 6-8)  runs 8 weeks for 1 hours.


We currently have after school classes at the following community centers.


Killarney Vancouver – Summer and Fall 2017


Summer Junior Game Design (Saturdays)   Reg: 116410

Junior Game Design (Saturdays) Reg: 116411


Mount Pleasant Vancouver – Summer and Fall 2017


Summer  Junior Game Design (Saturdays) Reg: 111531

Summer  Video Game Design (Saturdays)  Reg: 111532

Summer Game Design Camp  Reg: 111667


Dunbar Community Center – Fall 2017


Junior Game Design:  Reg: 120240

Game Design: Reg:120241




Edmonds – Summer and Fall 2017


Summer Camps are full and currently on a waitlist.

Fall Junior Game Design – TBD

Fall Game Design Level 2 – Reg: 453777


Eilleen Daily Pool – TBD

Willingdon Height Community Center – TBD


Coquitlam / Port Moody


Port Moody Arts Center – Fall 2017



Surrey / Delta


Sun God North Delta – Summer and Fall 2017

Ladner Community Center – Summer and Fall 2017

Tsawwassen Community Center – Summer and Fall 2017


Fall 2017 after school programs:

Coquitlam Community Schools:  Seaview, Minnekhada Middle, Central Elementary, Miller Park,  Pitt River Middle

West Vancouver –  Mulgrave, Collingwood

North Vancouver – Sherwood Park, Blueridge


We are currently planning for Fall 2017. If you would like a class in your area, please contact us at info@ume.academy

We will try our best to set up in your neighborhood.  We are mobile and bring all the technology,  so set-up couldn’t be easier!


View all of our classes and camps


Sign up for a workshop at your school and test us out!

Parents often drive innovation and bring new programs to their school.

If you would like to try a UME game design class at your child’s school, just contact us. We will set up a free workshop in the classroom, bringing all of the technology, allowing teachers to give UME a test drive.

Teachers appreciate finding new ways to bring technology and coding into the classroom!


Contact us to request a workshop

We move children from being consumers to creators of content, and foster problem solving skills which help them succeed in other areas of learning.


 How it works

UME Academy brings laptops for students into your classroom,  delivering a full Game Design program in either French or English.  Our instructors deliver game design lessons independently, or alongside teachers.

At the end of each session, students are able to download their projects and continue working on them at home. Teachers can continue using Unity to create game based lesson plans!

Through exploration, design and problem solving children learn to use tools which bring their ideas to life. They learn foundational digital literacy, and computational thinking to help them succeed in other areas of learning.

Program Length and Cost

The typical program runs 6-10 weeks for 1 or 1.5 hours per session. We work with a teacher’s schedule to make this a convenient way to bring technology, and ADST learning into the classroom.

We make our program convenient and affordable for families.  We try to keep costs equivalent to a field trip to science world per family. There are many options for funding and to make this program possible, so contact us to discuss your needs!

Applied Design and Technology goals

Our program meets Applied Design Skills and Technology learning outcomes for Elementary and Middle school learners including computational thinking, coding, systems thinking and team / collaborative design.   Please contact us to request a full breakdown of learning outcomes per age group.

Teacher Consultations and Custom Modules

In addition to our ‘core’ game design program, we have developed modules using science, physics, math, biology, and social studies content.

We can enhance class content through game design and modify our game design modules to meet your curricular goals.  UME instructors can deliver lessons independently, or alongside teachers.  We are happy to  provide training,  consultation or Professional Development workshops if requested.


With so many easy ways to bring UME to your classroom, why not contact us and discuss what works best for you!


  Let’s talk!

Our instructors can work with multiple classroom to create a cohesive school wide program using game design!

Kindergarten to Grade 1

Younger students from Kindergarten to Grade 1 use art creation and board game design to first understand the design process, game principals, and are introduced to digital literacy skills on laptops. This process fosters problem solving, team collaboration, problem solving and design thinking skills before we use laptops.

Grade 2 – 8

Students follow our Game Design curriculum, create individual or team projects while learning foundational skills in computational thinking, design and coding.

Unity 3D Game Engine

When it comes to designing games, we know that students are motivated to dive deep into their ideas.  That’s why we teach them how to use Unity3D, the game platform used to power top games like Pokemon Go and Mario Run.  It is also used extensively in scientific, engineering and medical fields for physics-based simulations

Unity3D is free for students and educators and the hardware requirements are quite low making it accessible on most laptops (sorry, no Chrome support) and desktop computers.

At the end of each session, students are able to download their projects and continue working on them at home. Teachers can continue using Unity to create game based lesson plans!

French and English

Our instructors are bilingual in both English and French! We are happy to work with an immersion program and deliver content 100% in French.

Our Instructors

We have a group of dedicated instructors.  In 2017 UME Academy took  TeacherQuest training at The Institute of Play. The programs trains teachers to design game-like learning experiences to increase student engagement, activate key 21st Century skills, and improve learning outcomes.

We want to share our passion for using game-based learning in the classroom with you!  Did we mention we have bilingual teachers?  Oui!

Meet our Instructors 

 We also partner with organizations to create enrichment camps that kids love!

Of course we do summer camps!  You can find them here on our Summer Camps program page.  But we do more!

We can set up a custom game design program or camp for your group – kids, adults and anything in between. Let us share our passion for games and education with you.

Some of our custom camps

  • West Vancouver Soccer Club  –   ‘Kicks and Code’ summer camp for kids to exercise physical and digital literacy with a mix of soccer and video games


  • Capilano University Serious Fun Summer Camps  – We developed curriculum for their summer camps. In 2017 we launch  Journey to Trappist 1  and Wild Pacific game design camps


  • Port Moody Station Museum – We  fused historical content with game based learning to create a “Back in Time” Pro-D Day and Summer Camp


  • Block8Academy after school care –  We delivered 2 days of game design classes, during their spring break camps, and Pro-D Day camp


  • Irwin Park Elementary – We delivered a school wide game design program for the entire student population K-5.


We love creating camps to suit every type of learner – including elementary, teens, ESL groups and  home learners. We have experience crafting fun, educational experiences!

Get in touch to discuss how to add a game design component to your camp or program.


Let’s Partner!

Why Games?

  • Kids are motivated and enthusiastic to learn

  • Enhances problem solving and critical thinking

  • Fosters team collaboration and communication skills

  • Teaches computational thinking, a precursor to coding

  • Meet BC’s ADST learning objectives for elementary and middle school

  • Start a program at your school!

    If you are a parent or teacher, and would like to try an after school program at your child’s elementary,  middle school or local community centre,  please contact us!   It’s a convenient before & after school enrichment program that kids love!

    Let’s talk!

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