book_bulletComputational Thinking

UME Academy teaches students the ability to identify, analyze, and implement solutions enabled by digital tools. This process instills confidence and patience when dealing with complexity by applying an algorithmic (step-by-step) approach to problem solving.

people_bulllet Digital Literacy

Our classes create digitally literate individuals.  Students acquire the ability to use digital technology to access, manage, integrate, analyze and evaluate information, as well as communicate with others.


Through shared exploration and problem solving students communicate, negotiate ideas and work with others to achieve a common goal using digital tools.

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Our Approach

Design. Create. Iterate.

At UME Academy we teach elementary school students how to think, design, create and problem solve using technology.  We focus on design, and computational thinking, teaching a process for breaking down a big idea into a series of components.  This approach not only prepares students for programming, for those interested in that path,  it is also a mindset and methodology to using technology in life to solve problems.

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April 21st Pro-D Day Camp is coming up!

We are so excited for our upcoming camp in Port Moody. We will mix museum activities and video game design at the Port Moody Station Museum on April 21st.  Learn more and register now, as we are filling up fast!  


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